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Electric Marine Discussions
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Expand/Collapse TopicSaddleback College MST Seamanship Classes
Double MOB on Mothers Day 2014
Redford Lost -- great movie to analyse
Celestial Navigation
Rules/Road Tugboat vs. Sailboat
Tsunami in Dana Pt. Harbor
How to Forward Email and Register on this Board
MST 201 Marlinspike Seamanship [Fall]
MST 202 Marine Weather [Fall]
Quizzes & Exams 2015
Course Outline
PowerPoint Slides
Wind pressure ITCZ slides
Quizzes & Exams 2012
Library Movies
Weather Projects
Weather Photos
Weather Schools/ Training/ Links
Waves; speed, length, etc
MST 214A Intermediate Ocean Sailing [Fall]
MST 214A Course Outline & Information
Storm sailing videos at the library
ATON - Aids To Navigation
On Anchoring
Rules Of The Road
Gypsea Crew List
Need to Sail
Previous MST 214A Classes
MST 214B Advanced Ocean Sailing [Spring]
Spring 2015 Cruises
Trip #2 to Catalina
Mariner crew
Gear & equipment
Archive - 2003-2012
2012 MST 214B
Pictures from Rhapsody Crew - April Cruise
Rick's video of one of several blue whale encounters on t...
2011 MST 214B
First Cruise Track Data
2010 MST 214b
Pilgrimage -- organizational
Sea Lark -- organizational
Mariner -- organizational
Crew assignments
Marc Hughston's Long Beach Crew-Organizational
2009 MST 214B
2008 MST 214B
Marine Weather sites
Trip Photos
2007 MST 214B
Final Exam results
2nd Trip Details
MST 214 2nd trip
1st Trip Details
Frist Trip Video and Pictures
1st Trip Weather
Sailing Lab Plan
Goat Harbor and Cabrillo Beach
2007 MST 214B Syllabi
2006 MST 214B
Collision Avoidance
Second Trip April 6-9, Spring '06, Organizational Details...
Trip 2 Video and Pictures
Karen Mayer's Trip 2 Pics
Campbell's Sloop
Crew Orientation
Standard Operating Procedures
Equipment List
Vessel Familarization/Initial Checkout checklist
Navigation SOP's
Navigation Preparation
Suggested Weather SOP's
Miscellaneous Organization Topics
Parking Info
Log Formats
Daily Pre and Post Cruise Checklists
Housekeeping and Galley Watches
VHF Communications
Deck Watch Schedules
Abandon Ship Duties
First Trip Organizational Details - Spring 06
1st Trip Photos and Video
1st Trip Boat Assignments
Equipment List
Suggestions for Log formats
General SOP's
Vessel Familiarization and Checkout
Daily Checklists
San Pedro Channel current
Navigation Preparation in General
Tools and Equipment
Navigation SOP's
Electronic Charts
Weather SOP's
Miscellaneous Organization Topics
Deck Watch Schedule
Revised Galley and Housekeeping Watches
Abandon Ship Duties
Engineering Duties
VHF Radio Info
VHF Cheat Sheets
Questionaire 2006
2006 MST 214B Syllabus
2005 MST 214B
Student Skippers
Trip 1 Pictures
Trip 1 Selected Video
Trip 1 Observations and Lessons/Depths and Tides
Anchoring and Mooring '05
Survival at Sea
Sail Trim '05
2004 MST 214
Syllabus, Fall 2004

Discussion from Spring 2004 class
Final Exam - Study Group
The Crew List
New MST 214 class this Fall
Captains Prep. Class
Practice Sails
Misc. Posts
MST214/215 Class Plan
Discussion, Fall 2004 Class
Charts and other Publications
VHF-FM Requrements
Navigation Rules
Forms and checklists
2003 MST 214
Final Exam
Class Sailing Trips - Schedule & Details
1st Midterm
2nd Midterm
MST 215 Vessel Command and Organization [Spring]
2011 MST 215
Navigation Resources
Weather Resources
Thoughts on watch organization
Electronic Navigation
Vessel and Cruise Organization Documents
Route Planning - First Cruise
2010 MST 215 Discussion
Anyone pick up my travel mug from class on Monday?
Destinations Discussion, First Trip
2008 MST 215 Discussions
Deck Watch Organization
2007 MST 215 Discussions
Thoughts on Checklists
Crew Organization and Provisioning
Precruise Vessel preparation
Navigation Essentials
Systems Management-Electrical
Seasickness and Hypothermia
Engine Overheating
Common problems - prevention and treatment
Vessel and Crew Safety - Selected References
2006 Discussions
Crew Fatigue
On Leadership for MST 215
Voyage Preparation and Planning
Thoughts on the Planning Process
Thoughts on Provisioning
Bleeding the Fuel System
USCG Captain License Requirements
Sail Trim
2005 Discussions
Voyage Planning
Midterm papers
Watch Schedules, Meal Plans
2009 MST 215 Discussions
Marine Forecast - Outer Waters
Marine Forecast - Coastal Waters
Navigation Equipment
2012 MST 215 Discussions
Second Cruise Documents
Organizational Documents
Weather Resources
MST 217 Subsea Robotic Vehicle [ROV] Technology
MST 218 - Electronic Aids to Navigation - [Fall]
Fall 2008 Discussions and Material
Connecting Garmin GPS to Laptop
Handouts and other instructor material
Notes for on water session 4, 11/20
Third on-water session 11/13
First two on-water sessions, 10/30 and 11/6
Presentation Handouts
Alternative reading references located by students.
Discussion on the reading material
Syllabus for the course. LATEST REVISED SCHEDULE.
Student questions and answers
Waypoint Management
Running Navigation software for Windows systems on a Maci...
GPS handhelds and related chartplotter issues
GPS Bearing to Waypiont: Rhumb line or Great Circle?
GPS Software Tools
NMEA-0183 interface issues
The "50 cent piece" GPS
General course information
Reading References
Useful, relevant links
Fall 2009 Discussions
Fall 2011 Discussions
Electronic Aids to Navigation
MST 218 Electronic Aids to Navigation
MST 219 - Marine Ecological Survey/GIS
Course Outline Spring 2010
Garmin Mapsource
Course Outline Spring 2009
Satellite imaging
Marine Critters
Tidepool trips - DPMWR
FloatingLab Map example
OI Floating Lab Schedule
Showing species density AND DIVERSITY
Combining two tables - relates vs. joins
Creating shapefiles from xy data
Depth measurement
Course Outline
MST 224 Introduction to Cruising the Channel Islands [Sum...
MST 224 Summer 2009
Marc Hughston's Long Beach Crew-Organizational
Cruise Policies and Procedures
The Questionaire
Reading Material for Class Assignments
July 24 Reading Assmts. MST 224 Summer 2009
July 31 Reading Assmts. MST 224 Summer 2009
MST 289 Summer 2008
Photos From Pilgrimage MST 289 2008
Boat Captains - Cruise Coordination
Long Beach Departure Details
La Mouette and crew
The boat itself
MST 289 Summer 2007
Trinity's Cruise Prep
Provisioning and Preparation notes
MST 289 Summer 2007 Syllabus
MST 289 Summer 2006
Escape - Meal plan, provisioning, etc.
Cruise Itinerary, Policies and Procedures
Class Syllabus and Announcements
Previous MST 289 Classes
2003 MST 289
2003 stuff in case you're interested. . . .
Cruise Roster
Food Groups / Meals Organization
2004 MST 289
HalfMoon Crew
Blue Dolphin Crew
Pilgrimage Crew
Escape Crew
The Questionaire
The Plan 2004
Questions??? [FAQ]
Miscellaneous Announcements
Roster 2004
MST 289 Summer 2005
Cruise Itinerary, Notes, Policies and Procedures
MST 289, 2005 Syllabus and Prelim Announcements
GIS 110 - Geographic Information Systems
Marine Science Employment /Internship/Scholarship Opportu...
Marine Science and Geographic Information Systems
Roster of Graduates
Expand/Collapse TopicWomen's Sailing
Expand/Collapse TopicTradespeople who work on boats.
Expand/Collapse TopicAll Aspects of Sailing
Expand/Collapse TopicPlaces to go, things to do.
Expand/Collapse TopicBoats (in general)
Expand/Collapse TopicCasual weekend trips.
Expand/Collapse TopicCrew List

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